*This is for DBFlute-1.0.x (Java6,7).
See DBFlute Maven Plugin for DBFlute-1.1.x (Java8)

What is DBFlute Maven Plugin?

DBFlute Maven Plugin is a plugin for Apache Maven 2.x. DBFlute Maven Plugin allows you to configure files and run commands for DBFlute on mvn command.


DBFlute Maven Plugin provides the follwing goals:

  • download: Downloads and unzips DBFlute file you specified.
  • create-client: Unzips dbflute_dfclient.zip in the above file, and configures parameters.
  • upgrade: Downloads and unzips a new DBFlute file, and updates _project.[sh|bat].
  • jdbc: Runs jdbc.[sh|bat].
  • generate: Runs generate.[sh|bat].
  • doc: Runs doc.[sh|bat].
  • outside-sql-test: Runs outside-sql-test.[sh|bat].
  • replace-schema: Runs replace-schema.[sh|bat].
  • sql2entity: Runs sql2entity.[sh|bat].
  • manage: Runs manage.[sh|bat].
  • generate-crud: Generates CRUD files of SAStruts for each table.
  • generate-crud-tablemeta: Generate properties file which includes parameters for generate-crud goal.


Goals of DBFlute Maven Plugin are used as mvn sub-commands. To use this plugin, add the following code to pom.xml of your project.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <name>The Seasar Foundation Maven2 Repository</name>
      <name>The Seasar Foundation Maven2 Repository</name>

For example, you can run download goal below:

mvn dbflute:download